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I freestyled these lyrics over the weird, chaotic backing track the day after I escaped from home

You can afford to do everything right
Sold my settlers in sight
You can afford to do everything right
But the youth are strange and the youth
are changing us every day

I wanna run but I really wanna rock

Yeah yeah
Choking on a window pane
You can afford to do everything strange

Running around and judging me day and night
I know I know you judge fade
You can't afford to do everything- you can change

Black and white rain
I'm running in the nude rain

All my sight my new night and the
day the day the really bad day
I run away yeah I run away

And I say you are me and you really wanna be the rain
You run unchained and bring it on down and bring it all away
Every sign I see, black masses growing in the trees
In the trees

Better believe better not leave
Better be free better hug trees
better hug trees better hug me
Better, the reason you don't respect me:
you don't respect anyone anyway

Baby daddy your child loves you
Moss on the burdock growing on the side of the road
Forests light where the mushrooms all grow

and you don't wanna mess with me when
I'm not being musical anyway

I know better
I let it escape out of my mouth

I don't regret the things I said, they were tough but fair
But I wish I could tell you all off.
I wish I only knew what
See me in bed, yeah see me in bed
fucking asses like I was the angel of death
You still wouldn't believe it. You still believe it
But I wasn't best, I was the best
and you were the worthless piece of shit you told me that I was
I don't believe this
I don't believe that it's for the best
I'm running on empty but I'm gonna fill it up in the nest
The nest yeah, the little green houses
You could fly above them
I see the garden In the rain, the sunshine, the radio lake
You are the brave one and you are the coward in the cave
And the knave getting fucked over fuck you know it
Saving your money for the time when you want to be free there
You'll be dead before you ever find it.


from Sunset​(​s), released April 23, 2016



all rights reserved


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